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New application launched – Student Course Selection

This application allows students to indicate their core modules and electives selection for planning of the schedule and resources (rooms) within Yale-NUS College premises.

User authentication is required to ensure each student has only 1 input.
The student is able to re-submit their course selections, the latest submission will overwrite previous submissions.

The web form title and introductory text can be edited at:

How to best use the dual vertical scroll bars of this webform.

WordPress themes and plugins development with Git

  1. Fork wordpress/WordPress to yalenuscollege/WordPress
  2. Clone Yale-NUS WordPress fork
    fork and upstream
  3. Clone origin to local working folder
    $ cd ~/Sites/
    $ git clone wordpress
  4. Add upstream repository to wordpress
    $ git remote add upstream
  5. Verify remote repositories
    $ git remote -v
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)
    upstream (fetch)
    upstream (push)
  6. Add yalenus theme as a submodule
    $ cd ~/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
    $ git submodule add yalenus-courses-child
  7. Change origin of submodule
    $ cd ~/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/themes/yalenus-courses-child/
    $ git remote set-url origin
    $ git push origin master
  8. cd ~/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
    # Change to wordpress themes directory
    git submodule add yalenus
    # Add yalenus theme as a submodule

WordPress Development with Git version control workflow

Google: git workflow wordpress theme plugin development

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